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T6 Thoracic Vertebrae Definition, Function &.

The thoracic spinal vertebrae consist of 12 total vertebrae and are located between the cervical vertebrae which begin at the base of the skull and the lumbar spinal vertebrae. The sixth thoracic vertebrae T6, located just below the level of the shoulder blades, works in conjunction with the remaining 11 segments to protect the nerves of the spine. the result was, in addition to the cervical findings, two small thoracic protrusions: t6-t7 and t8-t9.today, i have not been to work for three months and im with many symptoms. in relation to my thoracic spine: pain in the ribs, under the armpits, in the upper back, in the stomach. in addition, in the last weeks i feel many fasciculations in. Thoracic spine: ‘Wedge compression fractures involving the superior end-plates of T7 and 8 Fig. 88.6. Degenerative narrowing and signal loss involving the T6–7 and T7–8 intervertebral discs associated with minimal central posterior disc bulges and slight angular kyphosis at the level of. Each vertebra is larger than the one above it, increasing in diameter as they run the length of the spine. The larger the segment, the more weight it is able to support. The seventh thoracic vertebra T7 is located in the mid to lower dorsal area at the inferior angle of the scapula shoulder blade. 25/02/2009 · She was taken to surgery the same day for a right-side anterolateral thoracotomy, radical surgical debridement, anterior corpectomy T7 and T8, discectomy T6/T7, T7/T8 and T8/T9 and anterior spinal canal decompression, prevertebral and epidural abscess evacuation.

Thankfully, the thoracic spine is heavily protected by the rib cage, so it is much harder to damage this area than the sections of the cervical or lumbar spine. Sections T9 through T12 of the thoracic vertebrae are known as "transition vertebrae" because of their closeness and similarity to the lumbar vertebrae. 14/10/2014 · The injury is usually accompanied by neurological symptoms. There are only a few cases of severe thoracic spinal fracture-dislocation without neurological symptoms in the literature, and until now, no case of severe thoracic spinal fracture-dislocation without neurological symptoms and without costal fractures has been reported.

15/10/2011 · Here is my MRI results: At T6-7 moderate sized left paracentral disc herniation which moderately idenents the left ventral hemicord causing mile to moderate focal cord compression but without significant central spinal canal stenosis. There is no abnormal sinal with cord At T7-8 a small left paracentral disc herniation. Thoracic Spinal Cord Injury. The spinal cord is the main bundle of nerves that runs from the base of the brain all the way down through the cervical spine and thoracic spine before splitting into a bundle of nerve roots cauda equina in the lumbar spine. The brain exchanges electrical signals with the rest of the body via the spinal cord.

17/10/2014 · Well, since receiving your last response I have followed up with a spine surgeon and there were a couple options on the table. I have an exaggerated kyphosis and a herniated disc at T6/T7 as well as anterior wedging of T7, so that being the case one of the options presented is to correct the kyphosis posteriorly thereby letting the cord drape. The thoracic spinal nerve 6 T6 is a spinal nerve of the thoracic segment. It originates from the spinal column from below the thoracic vertebra 6 T6. References This neuroanatomy article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

Has anyone here ever had a fusion in their thoracic spine? I have badly herniated disks in T6-T7-T8-T9. Doc says spinal fusion and I am wondering what to expect regarding recovery period, post-surgical problems, success rate, long-term prognosis, etc. T6-T9 severe chronic pain daily help nee. there appears to be mild anterior wedging of the t7 vertebral body. no abnormal signal is appreciated of the T7 vertebral body however. No compression of the spinal cord is seen. no posterior discal promineneces are noted. 11/08/2010 · Figure 2A: CT myelogram with sagittal reconstructed view shows calcified disc occupying about 50% of the spinal canal. Image courtesy of Kee D. Kim, MD, and. Figure 2B: Axial image at T6-T7 level showing the central location of the disc. Image courtesy of Kee D. Kim, MD, and. Diagnosis. Thoracic herniated disc. T7 The nerve seated in the foramen of T7 provides messages to the pancreas and duodenum. Subluxation at this area can result in gastritis and ulcers. T7 is in the middle of the twelve vertebrae of the torso section of the spinal column. It has a strong center section and is larger than T6.

T6-T7 Disc Problem. From T6-T7 downside among the 12 discs of the thoracic region- chances of the disturbances down the legs is common. We had many cases where patient was not able to stand or sit properly because of compression due to T6-T7 disc. This region is on the lower slope of the thoracic spine. 21/09/2017 · The signs and symptoms of spinal compression fractures can come on gradually and vary from person to person. WebMD tells you what to look for -

Doctor answers on Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, and More: Dr. Wittenberg on t7 vertebrae compression fracture: It depends on the type and location of the fracture and the age of the patient. Often times, wearing a brace and avoiding strenuous activities will allow a compression fracture to heal in younger patients. It usually takes 3 months. 07/11/2013 · I have the same diagnosis as you, disc protrusion at T7-T8 with spinal cord compression. My problem started in May, 2013. I was misdiagnosed for 6 months with bulging discs. PT, steroid shots, and medication was ordered. A Neurosurgeon discovered the protrusion at T7-T8 and referred me to the neurosurgery dept at Rush University in Chicago.

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